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Welcome to Hearthstone Dental Specialists, your trusted source for endodontics and periodontics in San Antonio, TX. At Hearthstone, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and we’re committed to providing gentle care from our expert team. Specializing in both endodontic and periodontic services, we pride ourselves on taking a compassionate approach to dental care. Your smile is our top priority, and we’re here to make sure it shines bright.
At Hearthstone Dental Specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of services including Root Canal Therapy, Endodontic Treatment, Dental Trauma Treatment, Periodontal Examinations and Diagnosis, Scaling and Root Planing, and Periodontal Surgery. Our team employs the latest advancements in dental technology, including the revolutionary GentleWave system. This commitment to innovation ensures that our patients receive the finest care possible, with procedures that are both efficient and comfortable.
Choosing Hearthstone Dental Specialists means choosing a practice that values not only the quality of care, but also the quality of the experience. Our staff is renowned for their friendliness, always greeting patients with a warm smile, and personalized attention. The cleanliness of our practice reflects our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a hygienic and welcoming environment for everyone. Whether it’s endodontic or periodontic care you need, Hearthstone Dental Specialists is committed to providing an exceptional experience, from the moment you walk through our doors until your dazzling healthy smile is revealed.

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